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Industrial Pipe Repair Solutions for the African Continent

Wraptech offers easy-to-use instant pipe repair solutions for emergencies and maintenance in South Africa and other African countries' mining, industrial, agricultural, and marine sectors.

Our products restore leaks and breaks in water pipelines, gas and oil pipelines, chemical pipelines, and more.

At Wraptech, we provide a comprehensive suite of five engineered pipe repair solutions specifically designed for the rapid restoration of critical assets in the mining, industrial, and agricultural sectors across South Africa. Our flagship product, the PowrWrap, delivers a robust and enduring repair for a wide range of pipeline failures, ensuring the swift return of compromised systems to their original design specifications. This minimizes downtime and maximizes operational efficiency by enabling your resources to function at their maximum capacity, eliminating costly production stoppages.

For swift and mess-free patching of minor breaches, our PowrPatch offers an ideal solution. PowrPutty, our versatile epoxy-based putty, extends its utility beyond pipes, providing a dependable option for diverse applications. Our unique PowrSaw facilitates clean and efficient preparation for repairs by effortlessly cutting through PVC and other piping materials. Finally, the durable PowrTape guarantees a secure and lasting seal.

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Our Flagship Product
The 15 Minute Pipe Repair Kit

The PowrWrap constitutes a permanent and cost-optimized repair solution for a wide range of piping materials encountered in underground and surface mining operations. This engineered system offers a user-friendly alternative to traditional methods like cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving, and complete pipe replacements.

In just 15 minutes, PowrWrap facilitates a swift and reliable repair, minimizing downtime. Its versatility extends to various fluid-carrying pipes and hoses used throughout mining applications, including those transporting water, compressed air, hydraulic fluids, and even mild slurries.

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Our Flagship Product
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