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The Wraptech PowrPutty 'Stic-o-steel' is strong enough to last a lifetime

Stic-o-Steel: Unbreakable Strength for Life's Challenges

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Stic-o-Steel: Unbreakable Strength for Life's Challenges

Stic-o-Steel isn't just strong; it's built to last a lifetime. When cured, it boasts an impressive tensile strength of 6,000 pounds per square inch, transforming into a rock-hard material. This incredible toughness comes from a unique blend of steel reinforcement and top-tier epoxy, granting it a D-87 hardness rating on the Shore scale – the highest possible score.

Impenetrable and unwavering, Stic-o-Steel stands its ground against harsh chemicals like shop fluids, gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, solvents, oils, and even battery acid. It doesn't flinch in extreme temperatures either, holding strong from -68°C to 550°C. And for added peace of mind, it boasts a 3-year shelf life under proper storage conditions.

But Stic-o-Steel isn't just tough, it's versatile. It works tirelessly underwater, submerged in fluids, and even in any weather condition imaginable. Imagine making repairs inside a tank or container while it's still filled – that's the power of Stic-o-Steel!

This remarkable putty is the ultimate solution for permanent, economical repairs, rebuilds, and reshaping of virtually any surface or material. Whether it's vertical or horizontal, Stic-o-Steel stays put, refusing to run, drip, or shrink. Its outstanding adhesive qualities ensure a lasting bond.


Electrical & Plumbing

  • Re-cement, replace or repair bathroom, kitchen and pool tiling
  • Repair and rebuild broken cabinet doors, cabinets and furniture
  • Repair tools and tool housings, motor housings and pulleys
  • Repair leaking water tanks (STIC-O-STEEL is certified safe by NSF for drinking water lines)
  • Repair leaking water, drain and refrigeration pipes (PVC, CPVC, copper, iron, cast, etc…)
  • Repair water and well pumps, water and well pump housings, valves and piping
  • Use as an insulator in place of tape or ceramic connectors
  • Repair or rebuild rusted-out exterior guttering, awnings and supports
  • Repair broken hard plastic, picture frames, fish tanks, bathroom fixtures

Automotive Applications

  • Repairs can be made to gasoline and diesel fuel tanks while containing fuel
  • Repair to leaking radiators (brass, aluminium, steel or plastic)
  • Repair stripped bolt and screw holes in plastic or metals
  • Repair intake manifolds, motor blocks, transmissions and differential housings
  • Repair housings of all types, including water pumps, fuel pumps and thermostats
  • Rebuild body parts, bumpers, affix braces and areas that are rusted
  • Reattach metal stripping and supports


  • Repair aluminium, wood and fibreglass boat hulls and bodies
  • Repair worn screw wholes, broken brackets and braces
  • Repair punctures and cracks in all watercrafts including Jet Skis, Boogie Boards etc.
  • Repairs can be made to engines (See Automotive)

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