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The Wraptech PowR Tape is an extremely strong and durable PVC tape

Introducing new to the range this year, our extremely strong and durable PVC tape; PowR Tape, a tape to rule them all.

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PowrTape: One tape to rule them all!

PowrTape, from South African company Wraptech, is a heavy-duty, multipurpose tape designed for a wide range of applications. Initially developed for the electrical, air-conditioning, and refrigeration industries, its impressive strength and adaptability have seen it become a go-to solution for repairs, bundling, and protection in various sectors.

What makes PowrTape special?
Here are just a few of its key features:


PowrTape is incredibly strong, thanks to its industrial-grade adhesive and reinforced backing. It can withstand high pressure and temperatures, making it ideal for repairing leaks, cracks, and tears in pipes, hoses, and other surfaces.


PowrTape is not just for repairs. It can also be used for bundling, masking, sealing, and even temporary electrical insulation. Its wide range of applications makes it a must-have for any toolbox.


PowrTape is weatherproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant. It can withstand harsh conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use.


PowrTape comes in three sizes: 50mm (standard), 100mm, and 150mm, making it easy to choose the right size for the job. It's also easy to tear by hand, so you don't need scissors or a knife.

Whether you're a professional contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or just someone who likes to be prepared for anything, PowrTape is a valuable tool to have on hand. It's a versatile, durable, and reliable tape that can help you get the job done right, every time.

The different widths of PowrTape offer distinct advantages in the South African market. The 50mm wide option will directly compete with standard duct tapes, offering a comparable price point and potentially superior performance due to its high-performance adhesive and strong backing. This makes it a great choice for general-purpose applications where a reliable and affordable tape is needed.

The 100mm and 150mm widths, however, carve out a unique niche for PowrTape. With no direct competitors in the South African market, these wider tapes are ideal for large projects with extensive surface areas.

PowrTape comes in three different sizes:

The Wraptech PowrTape comes in three different sizes

Our 50mm wide (Standard Size) option would compete with the normal duct tapes available in South Africa, while the 100mm wide and 150mm wide sizes, making it a unique tape width. This will be great for large projects with larger surface areas that need to be taped up.

It is also competitively priced with other tapes like duct tape on the market.

The Wraptech PowrTape comes in three different sizes - 50mm X 30m

50mm X 30m

The Wraptech PowrTape comes in three different sizes - 100mm X 30m

100mm X 30m

The Wraptech PowrTape comes in three different sizes - 150mm X 30m

150mm X 30m

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